Our History


In 1933 Ugolino began to distil the marcs of the hills of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero in an old mill from wich the name of the distillery derives. Now with Elena We have reached the third generation of grappa producers, all born in an alembic with the aroma of grappa in the nostrils.
The smell of sweet hills covered with Nebbiolo, Moscato, Barbera and Dolcetto vineyards, from wich the most famous Piedmontese Wines are produced. Tenaciousness and love for a handicrafted Work give us the possibility to go on producing and looking for the best result. In the book “L’Italia della Grapp”, printed in 1970, it is written that our grappa is similar to a fall of bells that ring in your mouth and
what you feel inside is then a pleasant joy.
We are always happy to welcome visitor, day spur us on to
produce selected Grappa for experts.
 la nostra storia